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Hello Folks, I am a volunteer of a "DUCKY" sort and I would like to help you with your old decoys.

I enjoy helping out dozens of total strangers daily and my payment is a coffee! (Don't forget the sugar!) I enjoy giving back and I have been doing it for over 30 years! I have been inspired by my kind harted Mother and some of Canada's greatest out door writers like the late Dick Brown (Outdoor Canada Magazine), John Powers (Outdoor Editor Toronto Star) So many outdoors people have helped me over my lifetime its time for me to give back.
Steven Lloyd
Please have a look at my decoy story and if you feel I can help all you countless readers that have old birds, then please contact me.

I am not a writer but love to tell stories and chatter, I hope to help the thousands of folks from all over the world, that ask questions about their families antique wooden hunting decoys and so much more and in return you can comment on my stories, submit your pictures, submit your stories, and visit my website often. :)

I will do my best to help readers with honesty and consideration.

Thank you very much.

Steven Lloyd
- National Decoy Information Centre
Please feel free to e-mail me or call any time.

NOTE: We can help you with any decoys from anywhere for anyone, just ask. All USA / CANADA / WORLD inquiries are welcome.

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